The box – e-learning course.

70% of offenders have some sort of communication difficulty. Many professionals and offenders within the justice system do not fully understand how broad ranging communication difficulties can be – or how much Speech Language and Communication expertise could improve their working lives.

‘The Box’ – is a 20 minute free e-learning tool. The overall aim was to educate the audience about the many types of communication difficulties and how they impact upon people’s lives. A crucial secondary aim was to inform the audience of the importance of Speech and Language expertise.

I was responsible for devising the concept and then leading the creative development of all collateral which included interactive live action games, online assets, animation, and video content. (Flash development by Matt Booth).

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ClientRoyal College of Speech and Language TherapistsServicesCreative directionLinkwww.theboxtraining.comTeamMatt Booth (Flash)Results"96% of the people we trained said they would recommend the course."

Ian Hogg. Freelance creative director. Based in Manchester, UK. Ideas that sell. Concepts, brand strategy, art direction, graphic design. Print and digital. Management of creative teams and budgets. (Hey Internet, is this enough keywords for you or shall I repeat a few?).

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