An animation created in collaboration with Squad.

The (sadly now closed) Office of Fair Trading required a simple film to tell people how to use the Sales of Goods Act Hub. Working with barraclough associates I helped generate the overall concept, and then developed and wrote the script.

Assets were lovingly created by barraclough, and test scenes were animated by Tony Carberry. Once pre-production was signed off production was handled by mi, with sound design and VO recording sorted by the ever dependable Zelig.

I was Creative Director on the project – which is actually pretty easy when everyone involved is very good at what they do.

© Strictly Squad 2012-2013

ClientOffice of Fair TradingServicesCreative direction, copywriting, project

Ian Hogg. Freelance creative director. Based in Manchester, UK. Ideas that sell. Concepts, brand strategy, art direction, graphic design. Print and digital. Management of creative teams and budgets. (Hey Internet, is this enough keywords for you or shall I repeat a few?).

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